Brewing Strategy

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”—Sun Tzu


Every endeavour starts with a strategy, whether the business is starting up, scaling up or driving change, it is important to identify the best way forward. What are the roadblocks that will surely come up and how do you move on. We help you create the right strategy for your business. And more often than not, strategy is equally about deciding what not to do. By aligning each aspect of the business & its stakeholders to the strategy, the business is better equipped in the dynamic and rapidly changing dynamics of the market.

Our Approach

  • Understanding Business:
    Management – Products – Resources (Human as well as machines) – Processes – Financials
    The journey begins here. Here we sit together to understand what the organisation hopes to achieve, where does it stand today and what are they hoping to achieve. Evaluate critically based on various parameters.
  • Understanding Market:
    Industry – Customer – Competitors – Government Policies
    Current dynamics of market place starting with the customer, the business environment, the competition. What factors are going to impact from short term to a medium/long term basis. What innovation or technology embracement can help galvanise the business. How closer can the business get to ride over the market.
  • Design Strategies:
    Process Optimisation – Marketing – Technology Adaptation
    Based on the understanding of the business and the industry we suggest strategies that enable you to over-come challenges and capitalise on opportunities.